Good Neighbor Program

A Good Neighbor to the Community, and to Business

The Mobility Authority is committed to being a proactive force in the communities we serve. During construction of 183 South and after it opens, the Mobility Authority actively engages with and supports local neighborhoods and community groups by participating in and sponsoring events.

We’ve participated in numerous activities and initiatives to date, including community clean ups, tree planting events and mulch-spreading initiatives to protect our environmental resources. We’ve also sponsored community cookouts and hosted informational booths at Back to School events, joined neighbors at National Night Out festivities and set up shop outside the local HEB to arm shoppers with the facts about the 183 South Project.

We’ve had the opportunity make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve, in collaboration with the groups and neighbors who have called upon us. We value those trusted partnerships and thank all those who have welcomed our efforts.

Where the community is, is where we want to be. Whether it’s participating in Splash Day at the YMCA East Communities, engaging with shoppers outside Callahan’s General Store, or sponsoring a neighborhood group event, we are always looking for opportunities to connect with residents.


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