Tolling 101

Learn more about the type of lanes we are building

TOLLED EXPRESSWAY: The Mobility Authority constructed three tolled lanes in each direction along US 183 between US 290 and SH 71. The tolled expressway allows travelers to quickly get to their destinations without having to wait at a light.

Tolls are collected electronically from drivers with a TxTag, TollTag or EZ-Tag. Drivers who don’t have a tag account will still be able to use the tolled lanes and will be billed through the Pay By Mail program. Cameras will capture a photo of the vehicle’s license plate and a toll bill will be mailed to the owner. Drivers who pay with a TxTag, TollTag, or EZ Tag receive a toll discount of 33 percent.

For more information about tolling, visit the frequently asked questions page.

TOLL-FREE TRAVEL: The existing non-tolled US 183 will be replaced by up to three non-tolled general-purpose lanes in each direction. A number of existing traffic signals will be eliminated, so in the future drivers who choose to use the non-tolled general purpose lanes will encounter less congestion, stop at fewer traffic signals and get to their destination faster than they can today.

BICYCLE/PEDESTRIAN ACCOMMODATION: Individuals who prefer to bike, run or walk may access to a wide range of bicycle/pedestrian facilities that being built as part of the 183 South Project. Learn more about the planned shared use paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, trailheads, pedestrian crossings, and trail connections by clicking here.