Green Initiatives

Raising the bar on what it means to be “Green”

The Mobility Authority is committed to environmental stewardship by balancing the need for infrastructure improvements with preservation of the natural resources that make us proud to call Central Texas home. Delivering on that commitment, we have incorporated sustainable design principles into the development and construction of the 183 South project. We are also a longtime sponsor of TreeFolks, a Central Texas non-profit that seeks to strengthen communities through planting and caring for trees. These initiatives allow us to minimize our environmental footprint on the Central Texas region while reinvesting in our community.

Expanding the East Austin Tree Canopy

We partnered with TreeFolks and two major employers along the 183 South corridor—NXP and H-E-B, to sponsor the installation of irrigation systems at Norman Elementary School, and Pecan Springs Elementary School, both located near the project corridor. We held community tree planting events at each schoolyard where volunteers planted shade and fruit trees and spread mulch.


Green Initiative

Sustainability by Design

The sustainable measures being incorporated into the project will result in less construction noise, less intrusive glare and disruptive light pollution, reduced emissions, greater aesthetics, and assurance that the project design is reflective of community values. The 183 South project includes major investments in east Austin such as the restoration of the nationally-recognized historic Montopolis Bridge, which has been decommissioned from vehicular use and will be preserved for bicycle and pedestrian recreation and travel.

We are working to raise the bar industry-wide for what it means to design, build, and operate a sustainable roadway. The 183 South Project will be considered for certification by the most widely-used transportation sustainability rating system worldwide — Greenroads®. This third- party system evaluates design and construction against a set of criteria, and assigns a rating to truly gauge environmental responsibility.

A Greenroads® rating will be assessed following project completion. For more information on Greenroads®, click here.


Green Initiatives Bridge
The Montopolis Bridge over the Colorado River has been preserved for bicycle and pedestrian recreation and travel
Green Initiatives under Bridge
A new trailhead at the Colorado River at Levander Loop