Major Activity



Major activity at MLK Blvd.:

Beginning June 19, 2017, and lasting approximately two weeks, construction work will temporarily block some access to and from US 183 at FM 969 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.). Drivers heading east on FM 969 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.) will not be able to turn left on northbound US 183 and drivers heading north on US 183 will not be able to exit at FM 969, then drive across FM 969 and re-enter northbound US 183. In addition, drivers exiting southbound US 183 at FM 969 will not be able to turn left onto eastbound FM 969 and they will not be able to cross over FM 969 and re-enter southbound US 183.

The restriction of these movements is necessary so crews can raise the elevation of the entry and exit ramps to US 183 on the north side of FM 969 and raise the elevation of FM 969 to meet up with a new bridge that has been constructed across US 183. Later this summer FM 969 traffic will be transitioned onto the new bridge so work to demolish the old FM 969 bridge over US 183 can begin.

Signed detours will be in place during the ramp work to help drivers navigate around the closures.



The US 183 southbound exit to Montopolis Drive, located south of Bolm Road, WILL BE CLOSED and the entrance ramp to US 183 from the frontage road near Bolm Road WILL BE CLOSED through 2018. This long term closure is to facilitate bridge demolition and construction in the area around Airport Boulevard.

DETOUR: A detour will be in place for drivers who wish to access Montopolis Drive from southbound US 183. Drivers on southbound US 183 should exit at Bolm Road and follow the signed detour to Loop 111 (Airport Boulevard). Once on Airport Boulevard, drivers will be able to head south to the steel truss bridge over the Colorado River to reach Montopolis Drive.





Construction Requires Extended Lane Reduction on FM 969 (MLK Blvd.)  

Beginning on Friday, February 3, 2017, and continuing for approximately six months, FM 969 (East Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.) will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Tannehill Lane and Regency Drive at the US 183 interchange.

The lane reduction is necessary to accommodate construction of a new wider bridge at US 183, as part of the 183 South project. Initially, the lane reduction will involve restriping FM 969 (MLK Blvd.) so westbound traffic can be moved over to one of the two eastbound lanes. Once a portion of the new bridge is completed, traffic in both directions will be detoured onto the new bridge so demolition of the old bridge can take place, and the remainder of the new bridge can be constructed.

During this phase of the project drivers passing through this interchange may experience increased travel delays.

MLK Traffic Shift

UPDATE 2/22/2017: Please check out our alternative routes map below.

UPDATE 2/8/2017: We do apologize for the inconvenience to our neighbors, businesses, and commuters; we certainly regret the delays that the work causes. If the work goes smooth and the weather is favorable, the four lanes should be restored sometime this summer.

Our team is monitoring the situation and looking for opportunities to adjust signal timing and improve traffic flow. We would anticipate that there will also be some improvement in traffic flow in the coming days/weeks as people adjust to the current conditions. It is extremely difficult to keep traffic flowing as usual while reconstructing and expanding a major highway like US 183, but we are trying to minimize the pain, and as we planned for the construction of 183 South, we tried to mitigate impacts where possible. We placed restrictions on when the construction contractor could do certain work and for how long the work could take.

When the 183 South project is complete, congestion will be virtually eliminated for drivers. In the meantime, we will do our best to expedite completion of this element of the project. 


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